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PSO v2 – JP version disc?

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PSO v2 – JP version disc? Empty PSO v2 – JP version disc?

Post  zoinknoise Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:22 pm

hi all. i'm just getting started with PSO and i love the patched version of PSO v2 offered by this site. sadly i can't use it, since my original copy/serial is the Japanese version. i tried inputting my serial into the patched disc, but it wouldn't take.

are there any plans of releasing a disc with all the fixes/improvements for the JP version instead of the US version?


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PSO v2 – JP version disc? Empty Re: PSO v2 – JP version disc?

Post  Aleron Ives Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:53 pm

No, but you can work around the problem. Use BlueCrab's boot disc to launch JPv2 and save your JP serials to the flash memory, then make your character and go online. You'll have to enter your serials again when you select online mode. Once you're online, quit the game, turn off the DC, and you can now use your character with the US disc. You'll only need your JP disc to create new characters, as you always need to input your serial when taking a new character online for the first time. After that, JP characters will load on the US disc just fine.
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