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Post  Moopthehedgehog on Fri May 28, 2010 4:01 pm

Well, at last, Dreamcast.planetweb.com is gone for good. I'm typing this from my DC (it is very very hard to navigate modern websites).... Not much else to say, Dreamcast@planetweb is gone.

oh yeah, if you need a file from it, I took measures in case this would happen and downloaded all the files from it... the internet archive didn't save the .vms files, so I did. (I did this last year, in around September or something)..

I also got all the html files and css layouts, So I pretty much have the complete website, with saves and sfds and all. (I knew this would happen 7 years after planetweb just left the website up for us)

Planetweb was acquired by Monotype imaging, and I suppose that's the end of that.

Planetweb and Monotype Imaging to Offer Enhanced UI Development Capabilities

On December 11, 2009, Planetweb was acquired by Monotype Imaging Inc.

As part of Monotype Imaging, our SpectraWorks™️ graphical user interface solution will be enhanced to leverage the company’s font rendering and text layout capabilities, in addition to high-quality, multilingual fonts.

Key members of Planetweb who have been with the company since its inception have now joined Monotype Imaging and will continue to support our customers and evolve the SpectraWorks product line. We understand the critical role that text plays in delivering a successful user interface and a positive user experience. We believe that the integration of our GUI development tools and Monotype Imaging’s fonts and font technologies will enable the creation of engaging UIs that offer superior usability, brand consistency, clarity, style, portability and language support.

We’d like to thank our customers who have supported us along the way. We look forward to servicing you in the future with new capabilities developed through our efforts as part of Monotype Imaging.

The Planetweb Team

That's odd, dreamcast@planetweb was up in January...

So, I actually decided one day to download this old site, and it looks like it came in handy!

I have all the html documents and vms+vmi files all in one location. Just ask me here if you want one until the pweb site either comes back up or is gone forever.

EDIT: it's still there actually! the html files are all missing, but if you go to
the game files are still up!
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Dreamcast@Planetweb Empty Re: Dreamcast@Planetweb

Post  Aleron Ives on Sat May 29, 2010 2:15 pm

That's a lot of saves. Shocked

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