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Dreamcast Connection

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Post  Aleron Ives Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:50 pm

I remember on Sega's server you could always tell who was using a bad ISP because they would disconnect after playing Garon's Treachery for only a few minutes. Laughing

The main benefit of using a modem today is that it lets you play the DC games that don't support the BBA.

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Aleron Ives
Aleron Ives
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Dreamcast Connection - Page 2 Empty LMAO. I'll quit with the 56k and stick to broadband

Post  stankinaz Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:40 pm

I was thinking about trying dreamcast PSO 56k with my friend's phone line because he bought into Cox Communication's all in one package. But for me it's not for PSO, it's to prove to me how crappy Magic Jack truly is. Sadly for me all my current friends are Sony fans. I've told the stories about how wondrous the dreamcast was compared to the Sony, but my discovery of the DC was too late. I bought the Dreamcast when it was $65. It was from that point I would never believe into the Sony hype ever again. So for me to test out the dreamcast at their place would make me look like a die hard Dreamcast fanboy . . . . fuck it. I'll try to accomplish two things at my friends place:

1. See how truly crappy magic jack is
2. See if I can get my friend's 2 boys excited about the dreamcast.


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