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Schtack Qedit Released

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Schtack Qedit Released Empty Schtack Qedit Released

Post  Treamcaster Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:12 am


In case you missed on May 16 , like I did, the crew over at Schtserv decided to finally release Schthack's Quest Editor!
I couldn't be more than happy with this news, as I long have dreamt about this!

Schtack Qedit V1.0 Public Download Links

Postby Lee ยป Sat May 16, 2009 3:42 pm


Mega Upload
megaupload.com UOUXACFZ
Now we can create our own quests, and help improve the software database. It's not an easy job, which will put away many common user, but hey at least we got it right? Very Happy

You may notice that sections of the quest data within Qedit are incomplete, this is because there is such a vast amount of information to test, that the few people that have worked on it thus far have only been able to do so much.

These sections include:
*The main ASM list (unknown followed by the hexidecimal opcode).
*The object list (PSO has many objects that we do not have models for / support on floors that we have not listed)
*Object data and flags (many objects have flags which allow them to perform certain actions / display certain models)
As well as many other unknown things.

Now that's not the end of this project, we are asking you the community, to help us fill in the blanks in the software, by testing and submiting your findings so that Qedit can be updated for everyone. To help with this we have also set up a wiki:


See ya around in the Hunters Guild! Razz

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