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Fan game creation!!!

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Fan game creation!!! Empty Fan game creation!!!

Post  Flash T.H. Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:16 pm

Ok, so let's say you are a game freak. Smile You want to try to make your own video games. You download a easy-to-do program and make a game. It SUCKS!!! Evil or Very Mad Reason? You don't have a team to create it with. So what do YOU do? Question Come to this topic! Very Happy

At this topic, you can suggest game creation programs, ask others to join your game creation team, suggest games that others can try to get ideas from, and disscuss your progress! Very Happy

Let me be the first to suggest programs, based off of my current easy to do game creators. Wink
1. RPG Maker XP/2003 XP for really simple type games. 2003 for those awesome Final Fantasy type games. PSO RPG? Anyone? lol!
2. Games Factory/ Multimedia fusion. AWESOME!!! Cool
3. Macromedia Flash. TOO MUCH TOO PAY FOR, but so worth it. cheers

Ok, let me be the first question asker as well:

1. What is a good 3-D modeling program?
2. Where can I find a MMORPG maker?
3. Anyone know where I can find good Sonic the Hedgehog related 3-D models?
You will find out why I need this info later. Wink It'll be good, promise. Very Happy
Flash T.H.
Flash T.H.
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Fan game creation!!! Empty Re: Fan game creation!!!

Post  Caboose Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:00 pm

If you are serious about this then you should learn a programming language (C++ would probably be best for what you seem to want to do). Actually, you know what, just watch these videos:


This person seems to have some really solid advice.

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