So I finally got round to installing PSO PC

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So I finally got round to installing PSO PC

Post  billybong on Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:17 pm

Yes Wing, I know you have been telling me for about five days. Well I finally caved and installed it.

I found Ives's guide easy to follow and was up and running in about 15min (yes I have a crappy laptop)

Anyway I am waiting for my Serial Number and Access Key from Ives and I will be online.

I am still going to play my DC chars, afterall I spent alot of cash buying a BBA and keyboard (and another DC after have quest loading probs on the first one. Unfortuantly the BRAND NEW 100 DC did not solve that issue) but PC will prob end up being my main char.

Right so basically I look forward to seeing you all online.

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