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At your sevice!

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At your sevice! Empty At your sevice!

Post  CBNJ11 Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:40 pm

This topic is for put my services to your will, i downloaded the ques editor two day ago and i happily saw that it´s was a too simple code like the assembly one. So i decided to help in creation quest matter´s, i read a asemmbly manual about 1 year ago and have some knowloedge about it actualy i make a simple quest like "St. Valentine´s Day" already.
So i´m asking in a frindly manner... ¿how about to make me part of your team? (the quest creator atleast).
Im sure that together we can do a lot of fun and challenging quests.

PD: Sorry for my bad enghils i never take lessons......=)
PD2: Maby if could not be possible, you can contac me whit someone interested.

Ah almost forgot to say Hi! ¿where are my manners? God!....

for easi i mean when is dispayed in script window... but should be as hell decryp it
and put all ordenated in a satnd alone program, thets someting to be very pround. ¡Congrats!
and the same to all pso dc,dcv2 pc,bb,gc that make pso playable online again.!!!!!!


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