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PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5

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PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5 Empty PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5

Post  Aleron Ives Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:12 pm

I thought I would post my Resist Mod topic here, as well so people get the same background information as the people on the Schtserv forum do.

The Ult Resist mod version 1.5 corrects a few bugs from the first mod, and adds a fixed resist file for offline mode, too. Now Forces can play offline as well as online. ^_^ You can get it here:

Ult Resist Mod 1.5

As before, here is the README that comes with it.

Phantasy Star Online PC
Ult Monster Resistance Mod
version 1.5
created by: Aleron Ives


Welcome to the resistance mod for PSO PC. The purpose of this mod is to make Force characters more useful offensively in Ultimate mode. As any PSOv2 player knows, Forces do very little damage with magic in Ult. Most people would say this isn't fair, because they have to spend all their time supporting Hunters and Rangers with Shifta/Deband/Jellen/Zalure and Resta, but they can never kill anything because techs do such little damage. They also can't play offline very easily because there are no Hunters or Rangers to kill things for them. This project was created to change that. With this modification, Forces are able to damage things in Ult with magic.

What to do:

When you unzipped the zipfile, you should have gotten a main directory of "Ult_Resist_Mod_ver1-5" with 2 sub directories "Sega" and "New" as well as this README.txt file. Both subfolders contain the files "BattleParamEntry_on.dat" and "BattleParamEntry.dat". These are the files PSO uses to control enemy stats. To install this modification, simply go into the "New" folder and make a copy of both "BattleParamEntry_on.dat" and "BattleParamEntry.dat". Then navigate to where you installed PSO. Usually this is

C:\Program Files\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline

However it might be different for you. This folder contains files like pso.exe, autorun.exe, and online.exe. You should see a folder named "Media" here. Go into this folder, and you'll find a subfolder named "PSO". Go into this folder, too. Now paste the "BattleParamEntry_on.dat" and "BattleParamEntry.dat" files here. Since PSO already has these files, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the old files (the old files are in Read-only mode as well, so it may warn you about that. Overwrite the files anyway.) Now the modification is complete. If you for some reason want to restore Sega's stats for Ult monsters, copy the "BattleParamEntry_on.dat" and "BattleParamEntry.dat" files contained in the "Sega" folder of this installation and paste them into the Media\PSO directory again, overwriting the modified versions you previously installed. That's it!

Version History:

Hopefully you noticed at the top of this README it says version 1.5. So then, what exactly is new? This version is the same as the first resist mod except that I managed to fix a couple of bugs in the first mod, and this time I did an offline mode patch as well as an online one. Now Forces can actually kill things by themselves in offline Ult.;) Offline the resistances are lower than they are online, so Forces can do more damage since they are alone.


1) This file ONLY modifies the resistances of Ultimate enemies to Techniques. Enemy HP/ATP/DFP/EVP etc. are the same as Sega's stats. Normal, Hard, and Very hard are all the same as Sega's stats as well.


1) Lee

Without Lee this project would NOT exist. He figured out what did what in the BattleParamEntry file and told me how to modify it. After this I did a lot of research and testing to balance the stats in Ult, but without him I couldn't have done anything, as I can't hack my way out of a paper bag. We had different ideas on how we wanted this project to be carried out, but despite our differences of opinion you wouldn't be reading this without him.

2) Aleron Ives (hey look! that's me!)

Hey, I gotta credit myself, it was my idea to start this project in the first place. I also had to spend a ton of time recording damages from Vhard and stats in Ult, and then I had to calculate projected damages for Ult, and THEN I had to figure out how much resistance was needed to get those projected damages. Then I could actually modify the file. =P

3) Beta testers: Sly, The Dude, and Pobega (version 1.0)
The Dude, Tarras, Pyro, Hitomi, and Sly (version 1.5)

Thanks guys. ^_^

That's the end of this README, I hope you Forces out there enjoy being useful offensively for once. =P Also don't forget to visit PSO Palace, the home of this project. Of course, hopefully you got this file from PSO Palace, because I didn't want it hosted anywhere other than my site. =P


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PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5 Awesonic_small
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PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5 Empty Re: PSO PC Ultimate mode enemy Resistance Mod Ver. 1.5

Post  Treamcaster Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:21 pm

Seems pretty good, however haven't tried cause I just play PSO DC tongue

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