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Two quests ideas

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Two quests ideas Empty Two quests ideas

Post  Nico0020 Sat May 17, 2008 2:29 pm

Only released for Episode1&2/BB, did you ever play Labyrinthine Trial? The quest takes place completely in caves and you go around picking up 30 different capsules. It is actually a pretty neat quest, challenging unless you have 4 players. I think their reward for it was rings or something. Anyways, I know it used a couple of tricks and stuff ya'll may not know yet. Like there are barriers of wind that dont let you pass. But I would say it's worth checking out if your bored. Would be an amazing addition to the v2 community!

Here is the PSO world info on the quest: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1315

The other quest idea, is one you have probably already thought about, but what about the BB only government quests. Short simple quests, just replace the principles niece with the normal NPC that was always there. With each quest being so short you could see what you can accomplish with just the first one. What do you think?
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Two quests ideas Empty Re: Two quests ideas

Post  Aleron Ives Sat May 17, 2008 3:20 pm

Both are ideas I've kicked around for a while. Wink

I want badly to have Labyrinthine Trial, however I fear that it cannot be ported. The wind and stuff uses opcodes I would not be surprised if they are unsuported by Ver.2. If too many opcodes don't work, it may compromise the integrity of the quest as certain "trials" in the quest itself depend on the script making obstacles for you to pass.

On GC you get White Ring if you clear it with four players (you must have a full team to clear it). This would be the ultimate way to release Black Ring for Ver.2 IMO. Wink

As for the Government quests, I want to actually do a dual-conversion on them so they can be used both online but also offline. We need some better quests for offline mode, and these are story based so it would give you a lot more to do. ;D Offline is a bit more complicated though, because some of the quests contain bosses, and as you know on GC if you play a quest with a boss before beating it, it fucks up your save file so that you can never unlock the areas.

Since the Government quests are used to unlock the areas on BB (or they were), this actually would not happen, but if you played them as-is offline, they would allow you to unlock the areas instead of doing the crap with the pillars. Personally I don't fancy changing the way you unlock the areas offline, but you could always unlock them normally before you play the quests, I suppose...
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