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Sega still has Dreamcast support

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Sega still has Dreamcast support Empty Sega still has Dreamcast support

Post  Moopthehedgehog on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:30 pm

From the help site:

I am having problems connecting online.

The quickest way to check there is no technical problem with the Dreamcast is to insert a mobile phone number as the ISP dial up number.

When the Dreamcast tries to connect the mobile should ring.

If it does the console is working correctly and you should contact your ISP for assistance.

If the mobile does not ring: The modem cable may be faulty:

To rule this out try another 2-wired modem cable.
The modem adaptor (commonly known as a US to UK adaptor), which allows the modem cable to connect to the telephone wall socket, is faulty:

If possible try another adaptor.
If after trying both a new cable and adaptor you still cannot connect the console may need to be repaired.

Dreamcast support:

( ^ sometimes this link may not work)


Lost a manual? Here:
(in windows section there are psu and psobb manuals, btw)

Dreamcast Manual:

Dreamcast Microphone Manual:

An lastly, just for laughs i found this:
As a rule, Sega of America does not offer hints or tips for Sega games.

If you are stuck at a certain point in a level, or are looking for a guides for improving your skill, we suggest you check out one of the following websites!

General questions about Sega games: Our forums, of course!
Hints and tips guidebooks: Bradygames.com
Hints and tips for a wide variety of games: Gamefaqs.com

If you can't find what you're looking for on one of these two sites, please remember: gooogle is your friend
so.... what's that phone number on Dreamcast games for...?
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