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Post  Aleron Ives Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:32 pm

I put together the HQ Music pack, but I'm not sure if it's worth actually releasing it. Uncompressed, the files are 879 MiB. Compressed with FLAC, they're 569 MiB. Would anyone really want to download almost 600 MiB for better music quality? XD If I compressed them with a lossy format like MP3 I could certainly get the size much further down, but you still have to expand them back into WAV files once you download them because PSO doesn't support anything but WAV. Using FLAC, the compressed files are identical to the uncompressed ones. Using MP3, there would be loss of quality, though you probably wouldn't hear it.

As for what "high quality" means, PSO PC uses the worst quality music of all PSO versions at 22,050 Hz. I used files from the Xbox version and the OST to make all the files 44,100 Hz. If you need an example, here's the music for Pioneer 2, first at the default 22,050 Hz and then at high quality 44,100 Hz:



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