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Anyone still play anymore?

Aleron Ives
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Post  Flash T.H. Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:49 am

furrypaws wrote:
Flash T.H. wrote:...meh. Just because I'm a Sonic fan and it's deviantArt doesn't mean my art sucks balls. -_-
Usually I put my anime art on there anyway, and I was thinking of doing a PSO PC promotional poster if someone cared here. XD I was also thinking of doing a manga/comic featuring Aleron, Stasher, another person, and I (and I get the role as the new hunter) based off events in Episode 1.
So... my huge dilema of PSO... being online. Either I sneak on this computer (and risk life in hell) or I don't play it untill college. Which should I choose? (And yes, I've asked my parents to get me a Wireless Router, but they said NO.)

Err, not that. More of this. x.x

I've been frightened to visit DeviantArt ever since. XD

Also, 4 GB Flashdrives are like $20-30 from what I recall. In fact, I think I even got my 8GB for that on sale. Keep your eyes open and you never know what you'll find.

Um... I'm not a Sonadow fan. >_< Ew, gross.
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